This is a must watch for anyone with advanced cancer.

I like some of the Truth About Cancer information and resources - but if you become part of their Facebook community they are relentless (which is perhaps not a bad thing) - but sometimes they can come across rather too evangelical and I would like to see more examples of people who fight cancer using the various approaches they share - where it doesn't work and then they try something new. For those of us with cancer we need more reality. 

Let's Speak Cancer. New Resources from AXA PPP Healthcare together with Julian Quick 

Let's Speak Cancer a practical guide to how to talk cancer 

Video Guide Let's Speak Cancer (based on real conversations with people with cancer as part of research for this resource)

Are you Triple Negative? 

I came across this recently - a blog/website by a woman with Triple Negative Breast Cancer who is also having immunotherapy treatment in Germany. A great resource (and apparently soon to be updated)

The Penny Brohn Centre 

The Penny Brohn Centre based in Bristol helps you take control of your cancer and live well with it. 

Chris Beat Cancer

This website is full of information and inspiration.

Remarkable Recovery

What Extraordinary Healings Tell Us About Getting Well and Staying Well. A book published in mid 1990s exploring stories of remarkable recoveries and identifying learning from these stories.

Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen 2015

Find out what non organic fruit and vegetables have highest (and lowest) levels of pesticides.

Buying lots of supplements? Try iherb

Much cheaper than all UK sources I have come across - but you have to pay VAT before the supplements arrive - even with this still cheaper. Brilliant if buying in bulk  

A Cancer Bomb? Artimisinin

The Cancer Survivors Bible

Love this book.

Fasting before Chemo. Why would you? Have a read


.. all the indications are that it would be a valuable support to any anti cancer regime (J Chamberlain The Cancer Survivors Bible).


protection against neuropathy, a common side effect of chemotherapy


Research suggests that it is helpful in relieving some symptoms of cancer or the side effects of cancer treatment.

More about IP6 Gold 

IP6 Shines Brightly as an Alternative Cancer Treatment and Preventive

According to Natural News 'The anticancer effects of IP6 are turning out to be nothing short of astounding. Research is showing that besides reducing cell proliferation and increasing the differentiation of malignant cells, IP6 can often restore cancerous cells to normality'.

They describe it as a ‘very common intracellular messenger, meaning that it controls and influences many cellular activities’ – including the following. It (and this is a cut and paste from the above page):

Normalizes the Rate of Cell Growth – Cancer cells lose their control mechanisms and typically divide too rapidly, resulting in great numbers of cells that have a devastating impact on health. IP6 slows or normalizes the rate at which cancer cells divide. It reestablishes control in cells that by definition have lost their control mechanisms due to gene mutation.

Helps to normalize cell physiology – How a cancer cell expresses itself largely determines how threatening it is. Experiments have shown that IP6 normalizes several aspects of cell physiology in spite of the fact that these cells have altered DNA. In many instances, DNA repair is achieved.

Enhances NK cells – NK cells are white blood cells that help to protect against virally infected or cancerous cells. Researchers believe that the higher the NK activity, the lower the incidence of some cancers. The healthy human produces 500 to 1000 cancer cells daily. NK cells and programmed cell death (apoptosis) result in the vast majority of these cells being destroyed and removed. During time of stress, NK activity is compromised, and this is why there is a link between stress levels and cancer. IP6 is able to increase NK cells during these periods. Although many supplements claim to increase NK activity, for IP6 these claims have been documented and proven.

Increases tumor suppressor P53 gene activity - DNA contains tumor suppressor genes that inhibit pathways or processes that allow cells to become cancerous. The p53 gene acts as a control to preventing genetically damaged or cancerous cells from growing and propagating. If the p53 gene becomes damaged or compromised, cancers can establish themselves more readily. IP6 has been shown to greatly increase the amount of p53 gene activity, up to 17 times. When augmented by IP6, "standard of care" treatments become more effective due to this increase in p53 gene activity.

Inhibits inflammation – The level of systemic inflammation is an important indicator in determining cancer survival prognosis. Inflammation results in the release of cytokines, chemical messengers that trigger reactions that enable normal cells to grow and repair themselves. Cytokines can also cause cancer cells to grow. IP6 has been shown to significantly inhibit inflammation.

Exhibits potent antioxidant activity – Antioxidants are known to protect against various disease states and aging in general. Oxidative damage to DNA leaves cells susceptible to mutation that can result in cancerous cells being produced. IP6 has been shown to be a significantly more potent antioxidant than green tea.

Enhances apoptosis (programmed cell death) – Programmed cell death is orderly and results in the removal of individual cells without affecting the surrounding cells. It is a normal part of growth and the maintenance of healthy tissues. It removes unwanted cells so that inflammation or immunological reactions do not result. Cancerous cells are resistive to normal cell apoptosis. This is one mechanism of tumor formation. IP6 has been shown to enhance the natural apoptosis of cancer cells.

Affects angiogenesis – Angiogenesis is the process by which tumors set up their own blood supply, assuring the nutrients necessary to fuel their growth. Once this blood supply is set up, tumor growth spirals as more growth leads to more establishment of blood supply. IP6 inhibits this process, resulting in the starvation of cancer cells.

Inhibits metastasis – IP6 inhibits the adhesion of cancer cells to the extra-cellular matrix proteins, thereby leading to an inhibition of cell migration and invasion. Limiting adhesion is very important after surgeries and biopsies, as these procedures can cause cancer cells to become dislodged. One reason that so many breast cancer patients are found to have lymph nodes containing cancer cells is that mammography can dislodge cancer cells which then migrate to the lymph nodes.

Pharmaceutical research is geared to the development of drugs to treat cancer utilizing these mechanisms. Many of the substances being developed and tested are newly created molecules, having never before appeared in nature. As a result, severe side effects are common place. IP6 already exists in human cells and is easily recognized by the body, so side effects, if any, are rare.