We have to raise a LOT of money to help our Mum. On this page we'll be posting updates on the events that we and all of our friends and family come up with in order to do this. Of course most of them will involve wearing your pants on your head!! (or at least outside of your clothes) Please go to our Facebook page for more pictures https://www.facebook.com/cancerispants

First thing we'll be going for is a selfie gallery of gorgeous, stylish, moody and uber-cool shots of you all with your pants on your head- OR- you can just be plain silly!  

Send us your pictures and join the Facebook group. Make a £5 donation per photo! (or more if you can afford it)

TWEET, SHARE and  ASK all your friends to do it too! 

Can you get some famous landmarks in the background?

Can you get someone famous to do it?

Can you do it in a very serious setting? 

Can you get a large group of people together to do it? 

Photo bomb someone else with your pants

How about wearing your pants on your head at work for a morning?

Running a race with pants on your head?

Going round Sainsburys with pants on your head?

There's no end to the ideas you could come up with.....because one thing we all know for sure is that


Just so you know...any monies unspent for any reason will be shared equally between Macmillan, the Penny Brohn Centre and others who find themselves in the same situation as me and who themselves need to raise money for treatment.  We are fundraising not only for treatments we know about now, but treatments that may become available and necessary in the future. We know that by the time they exist or that Mum is eligible for them we will not have time to raise the funds to access such options in time.  Thank you! 

The fun and fund raising begin...

April 16th, 2015 - Amount raised by 6pm ... only (!) £42,050 to go.....Thank you everyone who has been so generous - this is overwhelmingly amazing  Loux 

   Amount raised by 6pm April 16th 2015... only (!) £42,050 to go.....Thank you everyone who has been so generous - this is overwhelmingly amazing  Loux 

April 19th, 2015. We HAVE NOW raised over £17,000!  You are all truly amazing and we have hope.....

April 19th, 2015. We HAVE NOW raised over £17,000!  You are all truly amazing and we have hope.....

April 26th - A thank you ROAR for your generosity and love for ‪#‎cancerispants‬  WE ARE HALF WAY!!!!!
Please have a watch and share!

Love the Howes kids xxx


My amazing and totally bonkers friends Ellie and Andy... What will you do to match this pant madness? Xxxx

Sent with love from my niece Beatrice  (Boo Boo!)

Made for Ella- the best babysitter ever! from Alice :)

Pants Pants Pants!

April 20th - "I thought I'd do something different to mark this milestone - watch the video to find out how it came about. Just because you can't help everyone doesn't mean you shouldn't help anyone - feel free to share this video and help support the cause. Any money made on this video will be donated to the cause as well. Thanks again for 900K subs and for being awesome." THANK YOU Tobi Jizzle- TBJZL on Youtube-

So what do you think about Cancer Ella M? "Cancer is Pants!"

April 16th Amazing Ella M set up a Henna Stall at local football match and raised a huge £70! Here is a picture of her in action.






April 22nd- Thank you to my amazing friends and colleagues at work! This has to be the BEST pants on heads location shot so far - and it is filled with lots of wonderful people who all work to improve the lives of women and children in some of the poorest parts of the world. Now they are helping do the same thing slightly closer to home. Thank you my lovely friends at OPTIONS! www.options.co.uk Lou xxx



April 23rd-  Ella and Ellie have taken the first celebrity #cancerispants picture with the legends that are Mr Nick Cave and Mr Warren Ellis!

April 28th -Today we were given a boost by our local radio station, JUICE FM talking about #cancerispants on the local news! THANK YOU http://www.juicebrighton.com/news/local-news/brighton-teenager-launches-cancer-campaign-to-save-mum/




April 30th - Heart FM have got on board and are spreading the word about #cancerispants !! http://www.heart.co.uk/sussex/news/local/family-say-cancer-is-pants-with-campaign/#fFkkEXAzmVZfFDE0.97

May 2nd - Louise, Ella and Ned visit the Radio Sussex breakfast show for a great interview and a big push for the kids Katy Perry 'Roar' video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v79GbwbqzAU

Louise, Ella and Ned visit the Radio Sussex breakfast show on May 2nd.

Louise, Ella and Ned visit the Radio Sussex breakfast show on May 2nd.

May 4th -  A wedding 'Cancer is Pants' picture and messages of support from Poland and Italy!!

Bank holiday, May 4th -Thank you to Rifka and Kate who baked cakes and held a ‪#‎cancerispants‬ cake sale today! What amazing girls - thank you! Lou and family xx

May 7th -  The nursery the kids all attended, Blueberry Nursery in Brighton, is holding a fund raising day!

May 8th - Staff and pupils at the kids old school Stanford Juniors raised £550 today with a no uniform day and cake sale!! Meanwhile the staff at the kids old nursery raised money with a pants day!

We also got a mention in The Sun!!!


May 10th - Ned's awesome friends- Jon, Reuben, Arthur and Otis -have done a sponsored bike ride and raised an amazing £563!!! THANK YOU GUYS!!!

MAY 11th- We've just had a text from our amazing neighbours who held a Garden Party and Auction for Cancer Is Pants yesterday. By auctioning incredibly generous gifts such as festival tickets, restaurant and shop vouchers they raised an unbelievable £3,100 !!!!! We can't thank you enough Jo, Andy, Harriet & Toby xxx

May 12th- It has been an unbelievable month. We set out just 4 weeks ago with what seemed like an astronomical and yet aspirational initial fund raising target of £50,000 by June 2015. Never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined that our crazy ‘Cancer Is Pants’ fund raising plans would go so well. We have been inundated with messages of support as well as financial donations large and small, from those close to us and from people we've never met. Our friends, family, colleagues and schools have taken it upon themselves to organise events to help us. We have had incredible support from our local press which in turn led to 2 extremely generous donations from 'Hold Amy’s Hand' and 'Gav Aid'. I can hardly believe I am saying this but we are now past the £40,000 mark!! It now seems possible that we can look beyond our initial goal and the treatment in Germany to continue fund raising for what comes after that.

To all of you, who have made this happen, THANK YOU from all of us xxx

May 13th - Fund raising events are brewing at Cardinal Newman School, (where Ella and Tom went and William and Ned still go) Thank you to the various teachers who have been getting on board- Maths, PE, Year 8&9 pastoral leaders, Library, Art , Drama and History !

May 13th Thank you to Amanda Shaw (an amazing Pilates teacher moving to Brighton soon) and Cecilia Handel and friends in Singapore who raised £465 in a cancer is pants Pilates bonanza. 

May 16th - A HUGE Cancer is Pants fund raising day!

First off the amazing parents of Hove Rivervale U12s, Hove Park Colts U12s and Seagulls U12s organised a fantastic fund raising football tournament today. Waitrose donated a cake, as did many parents and Smallbatch donated cups.

Overall the event raised a whopping £520!

"Dear Howes family,
We had a wonderful morning in Shoreham today, bringing together 3 local teams: Hove Rivervale U12s, Hove Park Colts U12s and Seagulls U12s. Lots of the players know Ned through school and sport. Ned got to play too and scored a goal!
Through your campaign, we had the opportunity to have a fantastic community event for our families, thank you so much and very best wishes to all the family"

"I think this photo tops the lot! What an amazing group of kids (and parents). This photo has bought tears to my eyes - how lucky am I to have this massive support. Lou xxx"

Secondly the lovely 'Lavender Room' in the Laines held an in-store #cancerispants day, and will donate 10% of their takings. Thank you so much...

May 17th -  The Wonderful owners of FILFIL cafe in Gardener street, Tim & Amal Cashin, made the incredibly generous decision to hand over a day's profits to Lou's campaign. Other friends and classmates of William sold cakes outside. FilFil owner, Amal Cashin, was so touched by Louise’s story that she decided to help with the fundraising. “I feel very strongly that I want to do something to help Louise and her family’s amazing fundraising effort. We hope that by fundraising for Cancer is Pants via our café FilFil, it will raise funds and also raise awareness of the campaign with our customers and their families and friends”.
Andy, Ellie and Alice went down there for a delicious lunch and to take some pictures....

May 23rd If you were wandering in the Surrey Hills on Saturday you may have come across a merry tribe of cancer is pants supporters donning beautiful pants and raising money on a sponsored walk. Thank you Kasia, Tom, Clare, Daisy, Tom's Auntie and everyone who walked and sponsored!! 

May 24th Thank you to Eliana and Mia who got up with the birds to bake lots of cakes which they sold for a whopping £40 for cancer is pants. Thank you Eliana and Mia!

May 26th Thank you to the Mermagen Family and their friends for their heroic sponsored walk and spectacular pant action! Look at these lovely people and pants.....

And there's more...coming up...Next week Annie Eyre will be running 13.1 km for cancer is pants - she has been valiantly training, with pants on her head of course. And on May 31st Al and Sue Kemp are cycling all the way from Chester on a sponsored cycle for cancer is pants. We love you all. THANK YOU! xx

May 28th -31st!

INCREDIBLE EFFORT by THE KEMP family who raised over £4,000 with their sponsored 250 mile Chester to Brighton 4 day bike ride! (Thank You Sue for putting this video together!)

June 1st The String Crew, who all got to know Ella when they played with Nick Cave in 2013 got together for a photo. Ellie and Charlotte will also be adding some live music to the Zumbathon event

June 17th

THANK YOU ZACH for your amazing effort running a 10km race for #cancerispants !!!








June 18th BHASVIC STUDENT UNION- Getting behind the Cancer is Pants ZUMBATHON which will be help on JULY 4th, 2.30pm at BHASVIC Sports Hall.


A beautiful, energising and healing morning of 3 different types of yoga led by the lovely Hannah Watkins, Hannah Waldman and Jess Wingate at Exeter Street Hall.


MASSIVE Thanks to Ellie and Federico from The ZUMBA ZONE, who put together this HUGE event at BHASVIC Sports Hall. The day was HOT and we couldn't believe the number of people who turned up, from experts to complete beginners -some of whom were being sponsored for their efforts (Well Done Andy for raising over £200!) Everyone danced their bums off for 3 hours and then we all celebrated with well deserved and delicious cakes. We must also thank Chris Thompson, the principle of BHASVIC, for giving the facilities for FREE and Jo Gibson at 4Print & Design
 who did all the publicity printing for us for FREE! This amazing event raised over £2,000 for #cancerispants !!!!

July 26th Today we are thinking about what you have helped us achieve since April! ‪#‎cancerispants‬ is going to continue fund raising so that we have options for whatever treatment Mum needs in the future. We're also really looking forward to spending some family time together over the summer....


A lovely pantsy video from our cousins!!