May 10th -2010

Since my breast cancer diagnosis – not that I did not realise – but I have been reminded how many lovely wonderful people I have in my life. So on the advice of one of my best friends I will write this blog – that way I can make sure you can be – if indeed you want to be – kept up to date with the Howes family journey over the next few weeks and months.

We told Ella and Tom last week on Thursday evening. As they had been stuck in Singapore with my mother at my sister Cecilias following the volcanic ash airspace shut down – I wanted them to be over their jet lag and settled back at school before we told them. Until then I have been telling people by phone and email but in a somewhat controlled way so we could make sure that the kids did not hear anything from any where other than us. We also needed to work out how we would react to the news every day – and to do this I needed to live with the knowledge and work out how I was coping with it before I could honestly share the news with the older 2.

I am on tamoxifen to shrink it for 2 weeks, then will have one week break from it before surgery next week on 19th.