Goodbye Hair

So I went into London to work on Monday. Having lost more hair over night my only option was a white beanie hat to cover the growing bald patches. With some earphones I could have passed as a rapper - I wore this all day. I traveled up to work with a friend who offered her husbands services - as he had short/bald hair and had the right equipment. I am not sure she could believe how quickly I snapped up the offer and that evening after work they both arrived at my house ready for action. We set a chair up in the middle of the kitchen floor and the hair removal was a great family affair with Rupert and the kids (and dogs) all actively part of the process. I am going to try and post some photos - before (with the white beanie hat), during and after. I will also add one with my new look.

I went with Ella and another good friend to Trendco, the wig go to place in Hove, yesterday and we tried out loads of different wigs. I really thought I would come away with two wigs, a blond and a dark one. I know when the hair comes back it will be dark so I reckoned why not go dark now rather than wait for the end of treatment - to make the transition less obvious. But in the end we all agreed on a wig which is totally not what I expected to choose - a reddish colour. We took some photos so I could send them to my sisters, brother and parents - just to test it out on them. I am not sure what they really think, except for my mother (a red head herself) who is totally keen on having a red headed daughter at last, but they were polite enough.

The only person who still does not know is my poor husband Rupert - he is on a work trip in Norway, and possibly stuck there as Norway Air is on strike, and despite having sent him the photo he has not responded. Too late now as I have just bought it and it is sitting on the polystyrene model head by my bed ready for a day out. Imagine that, you leave and your wife is blond - come back and you are married to a red head (actually that scenario misses the bald stage in the middle). My best friend Sophie thinks I look a bit too grown up in it. The problem is wig shops do not have a 'frizzy scarecrow' line in wigs so it was impossible to find one that looked remotely like my old hair. This is the new me.